Feasibility Study.

Feasibility studies reduce the risk of wrong decisions

The starting point for many projects or consulting work is a feasibility study to verify how a successful implementation could be achieved. It is also important to clarify how important an implementation is for your company success by answering the following questions:

  • How can you enhance your business activity?
  • How can you step into new markets and set-up new branches?
  • Which are the political limitations you have to take into consideration?
  • Are you able to cover additional costs if you plan to increase the number of employees?

Schmidt Consulting creates feasibility studies for private and public companies. Our experience and track record underline that a comprehensive feasibility study limits risks and assures the right selection of your investments. We focus on three main criteria’s depending on client needs:

  • Feasibility from economic perspective
  • Feasibility from political perspective
  • Feasibility from ecological perspective

After a successful feasibility study we implement the outcome and defined action items together with you and if required involve experts form our network.